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Calum being adorable

caldawgs asked: calum hood or luke hemmings?


"@justinbieber: Don’t tell me you’re my chaaaaaart breaker #cantstopwontstop"

too hot for ugly people too ugly for hot people



Get To Know: 5 Seconds Of Summer


I just saw a post about how 'rude' the guys are to people who are not 'pretty' and such but I actually don't believe it at all, idk i'm so confused I mean it was stuff on twitter so probably just attention seekers


i’ve seen those and in all seriousness i am no way near the prettiest or the thinnest person ever and both times i met they were all so lovely and no way near rude i couldn’t have asked for a better experience but obviously they will have bad days where they just don’t want to meet people but some of the stories i’ve seen circulating are ridiculous and most of them just seem to be the same story told in different ways which makes it seem kinda weird that all these people are having the exact same experience with them